Slow Control Check Valve
Slow Control Check Valve
Slow Control Check Valve
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Slow Control Check Valve / Hydraulically operated No-Slam Check Valve


Slow Control Check Valve is a hydraulically operated No-Slam Check Valve. This valve opens when the pressure at the inlet exceeds the discharge pressure. 

A gradual rate of opening prevents sudden opening surges. When a pressure reversal occurs the higher downstream pressure is applied to the cover chamber through the control tube lines, and the valve closes drip tight. 

This valve is ideally suited for use where a positive shutoff is required. 

The rubber disc assures tight sealing even if the fluid contains grit or other small-size particles.
The velocity of Open/Shutoff can be controlled by the ball valve 2 on the outlet control tube line.
Note: The effectiveness of this valve is related to pipeline velocity. We recommend a maximum flow based on pipeline velocity of 3m/s, otherwise, consideration should be given to adding a Pressure Relief Valve to the system.

Basic Information

Size Range: 2”-24”

Pressure : PN10, PN16, PN25

Design: BS EN1567, EN 1074-5, EN 1092-2, ISO 7005-2

Available Material: Cast Iron , Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel

Epoxy Resin coating internal & external, thickness above 300 micron

Major Part Material

1. Body/Bonnet: GGG40/50 or Stainless Steel
2. Seat/Stem/Spring: SS304
3. Nut: SS/Bronze
4. DISC Guide: SS/Brass/Bronze
5. Diaphragm: Nylon + EPDM/NBR

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