Pressure Seal Gate Valve
Pressure Seal Gate Valve
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Pressure Seal Gate Valve

A complete range of gate, globe, and check valves for all of your high pressure and high temperature applications, proven over years of service in conventional thermal and nuclear power plants as well as other HP steam services around the world. 

Also preferred in high pressure, high temperature hydrocarbon or petrochemical processing services. We can offer the advantages of one-piece forged valves in sizes up to 24" (600 mm).


- Sizes NPS 2 to NPS 24 , DN50- DN600

- Class 600 to Class 4500


- Available in Casting (A216 WCB, WC6, WC9, C12A)

-Available in Forging ( F11, F22, F91)

Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications:

· Design and manufacture: ASME B16.34

· Face to face/end to end: ASME B16.10

· Pressure temperature rating: ASME B16.34

· BW end dimension: ASME B16.25

· Inspection and test: MSS SP-61

Pressure seal flexible wedge gate valves are ideal for high pressure steam (main steam isolation), liquid (feedwater isolation), catalytic reformers, hydrocrackers and other tough services.

1. Our flexible wedge offers superior tightness of seats and freedom from sticking.

2. Wedge guiding minimizes seat rubbing and scuffing resulting in long cycle life.

3. Designed to ASME B16.34.

4. Body made of superior strength forgings and optional cast steel.

5. Our stem seal offers tight seal with little to no maintenance over long periods of time.

6. Optional live-loading of packing.

7. Non-rotating stem.

8. Hardfaced seating faces resist erosion.

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