Double Block and Bleed Ball Valve
Double Block and Bleed Ball Valve
Double Block and Bleed Ball Valve
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Double Block And Bleed Ball Valve


Double Block and Bleed Valve is a side-entry ball valve, with either a bolted or welded body, designed for use in upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas applications. 

It requires two in-line isolation valves and a bleed valve used to drain or vent trapped fluid between the two closure elements in order to safely isolate the downstream pipe. 

This feature can be achieved with one single valves complete with a bleed port between the obturators.


Product Range

Size Range:

· 2 1/2 to 56 (API 6D Valves)

· 1 13/16" to 16 3/4" (API 6A Valves)


Pressure Class Range:

2000 psi to 10000 psi

Class 150 to 2500

Seating Material: Soft or Metal

· Initial and installation cost savings owing to reduced structural requirements of design that saves both space and weight

· Increased system reliability from single valve with bleed port between two valves

· Improved plant and personnel safety due to anti-blowout stem, fire-safe construction and anti-static design

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