Ceramic Lined Gate Valve
Ceramic Lined Gate Valve
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Type: Ceramic Wedge Gate Valves
Size: DN50-DN300(2”-12”)
Pressure Rating: PN6, PN10,PN16, PN25, PN40, PN63, PN100, CL150, CL300, CL600
Body Material: WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3M, CN7M,4A, 5A, etc.
Trim Material: Wedge gate: SS201, SS304, SS316 + Nitriding, Hard Chrome, Tungsten Carbide, Stellite, Ceramics, Solid TC. Seats: Ceramics, Solid TC.

End Connection: Flange ends, Butt welding ends, per EN1092-1, ASME B16.5, ASME B16.11

Typical Applications:
For some very hard particles or serious erosive mediums, general metal seated wedge gate valves will be washed out and damaged easily due to the abrasion and or corrosion. 

As a professional and experienced ceramic valve manufacturer, SQ develops ceramic wedge gate valves to solve the corrosion and abrasion problems for wedge gate valves.

SQ ceramic wedge gate valves are very suitable for those mediums contain fibers and hard solid particles, such as  below listed typical 

1.Mining slag
2.Coal washing 
3.Ash Slurry
5.Oil with particles

1.Ceramic wedge gate valves have two main structures: bolted (BB) bonnet type for low pressure ratings and pressure seal bonnet (PSB) for higher pressure.

2. Inlet seat and outlet seat are ceramics materials. By using the high hardness and high strength of high pure 99% Al2O3 ceramics, SQ ceramic wedge gate valves have much longer service life than general metal seated wedge gate valves in similar conditions.

3. Two ceramic sealing rings are inserted to both sides of wedge gate. Besides the inlet and outlet seats are also ceramics, this ceramics-to-ceramics design can avoid abrasion and corrosion, which makes ceramic wedge gate valves have much longer service life than general metal seated wedge gate valves.
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